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plugged-in parenting


Plug into the world of a teen through the eyes of one of the nations leading communicators and motivational speakers! After talking to hundreds of thousands of teens as a Christian speaker, Jeffrey now has something to say to parents!

Dating, social media, sports, pornography, academics, peer pressure, and video games.  Welcome to the world of teens!

Today's teens are facing a cultural war. In this fast paced, live-for-the moment, do-what-feels good society, your teen is being bombarded with messages that both mislead and confuse them. Many of these dangerous messages conflict with the values and godly character you desire for your teen. As a parent, at times, it can seem overwhelming to stay connected.

If you are a parent of a teen, pre-teen, or work with teens then you need to bring this eye-opening event to your community.


Hot Topics Jeffrey will discuss:

How to COMMUNICATE with your kids.

The TOP TEEN things every parent needs to know.

INTERNET safety.

CONNECT with your teen.

The #1 thing YOUR TEEN wants you to know.


CUTTING and self-abuse!

PORN will find your teen.

And More!


Packed with information that will benefit every parent, Plugged-in Parenting can be scheduled as a full day seminar or as simple as a 1-2 hour presentation. 

Plugged-In Parenting can be conducted as a faith or non-faith based presentation.

For more information, call us at 615.477.3021 or contact our office via email.