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consultation partnerships

"Our partnership with Jeffrey Dean has brought a tremendous boost in trust for us among the teen community.  By bringing Jeffrey in as a consistent face of truth and honesty about potential and very real problems this population faces, we in turn develop a trustworthy and honest image in our community with the young people.  This is relationship building at the highest level, which is what we are all about." 

Branda Thomas

Wise Choices, TX, Executive Director


The JDM Consultation Partnership is designed to offer PRC’s and Pro-Life Organizations a methodical and expansive approach to communicating and educating your public and on-line community with the pro-life message. As a partner with you, JDM will customize an outreach program for your organization, through appearances and on-line support that will offer:

Consistent communication with the student demographic within your local schools

A fresh and relevant approach to maintaining awareness within your communityConsultation with a sixteen year veteran of ministry to teens and young adults

An innovative on-line approach to connecting with your clients and their families


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