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Meet JD: Christian Speaker and More

About Jeffrey Dean and His Ministry

Jeffrey is a Christian speaker, ordained pastor, counselor, and author. He is one of the most in-demand, top motivational speakers for in the country. 

Jeffrey founded Jeffrey Dean Ministries in 1993. Since then, he has spoken to more than 3 million throughout our nation's churches, universities, conferences, prisons, and public schools.

With 24+ years of experience communicating to teens, college students, and their families, Jeffrey has a pulse on this generation, their challenges and needs. 

Jeffrey has written for Stand Firm Magazine and writes regularly for several magazines and blogs, including Direction and Horizon, and, JD's official blog,

Finding the right public speakers for your church, ministry or event can be challenging, especially when looking for motivational speakers that can engage your youth and college students. See how Jeffrey Dean Ministries can impact the harder to reach generations by glancing at his calendar or contacting him for more information. 



Although JD loves preachihng, he loves his wife Amy and two girls, Bailey and Brynnan, even more!  JD is pro-family!  JD and Amy met the first week of school as freshmen in college at Nashville's Belmont University.  (If you've heard JD speak, then you probably know the story!)

Jeffrey is often asked what he does in his down time.  The answer is pretty short: 

Family, water (the lake, the ocean, or a river with a fishing pole) and an iced tea! 


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