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know who you are.

learn to live it out.

In this four-part series recorded live, Jeffrey will help you see that you have been beautifully created and uniquely shaped for one thing: To know the ONE God and to live out His ONE purpose for your life. 


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flood volume 1: real life issues

real life issues

FLOOD is a DVD-driven student ministry resource written and hosted by Jeffrey. FLOOD Volume 1: Real Life Real Issues includes 6 topic driven sessions on real life issues. FLOOD is perfect for weekly student ministry events, issues-driven Sunday School, Small groups, Sermon Illustrations, Seekers and new-Christ followers.


  1. The Friendship Factor
  2. The Silent Roar Anger Management
  3. How Far is Too Far?  Sex
  4. Family Funk  Family Conflicts
  5. Numbing Out Addictions
  6. Not One Of Us Prejudice

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Price: $70.00

flood volume 2: distortions


Experience the Rush! FLOOD Volume 2 combines the best of large-group energy and experience with the best of small-group dynamics.


  1. Distorted Images of God
  2. Distorted Images of the World
  3. Distorted Images of Community
  4. Distorted Images of Self
  5. Distorted Images of Sex
  6. Distorted Images of Family

Item code: FL-2

Price: $70.00

flood volume 3: livin' large

livin' large

Christian artist Sarah Kelly appears on Volume 3 of FLOOD discussing with Jeffrey purpose, mission and true outreach.


  1. The Purpose Of Life
  2. Jesus the Revolutionary
  3. Taking It To The Next Level
  4. Life On Mission
  5. True Life
  6. Your Unique Wiring

Item code: FL-3

Price: $70.00

fllod volume 4: mystery awakened

mystery awakened

FLOOD V. 4 includes 6 topic-driven sessions that explore the mysteries of our faith.


  1. The Mystery of Truth
  2. The Mystery of the Gospel
  3. The Mystery of the Heart
  4. The Mystery of God
  5. The Mystery of Redemption
  6. The Mystery of Heaven

Item code: FL-4

Price: $70.00

flood volume 5: splitting image

splitting image

FLOOD Volume 5: Splitting Image engages students at the most fascinating and challenging levels by exploring how guys and girls bear the image of God uniquely as male and female and addresses the biblical attributes, models. and tensions of masculinity and femininity.


  1. Girls - In His Image
  2. Guys - In His Image
  3. The Eve Factor
  4. The Shadow of Adam
  5. Ruth: Love, Loyalty, Redemption
  6. David: Rough-Edged

Item code: FL-5

Price: $70.00

flood volume 6: future skills

future skills

FLOOD V.6: Future Skills explores the importance of having discipline in our lives in the areas of setting goals, decision making, dating, life purpose, a career and more. Special artist guest appearance by Jars of Clay.


  1. Narrow Focus
  2. Taking Crontrol
  3. Will of Fortune
  4. The Heart of the Matter
  5. The Dating Game
  6. The Plain Facts

Item code: FL-6

Price: $70.00