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four-part audio MP3 series

What's your story? It may not seem very important to you. You may not even think your story is worth considering. The truth is, you live in a world that works overtime to convince you that you don't even have a story. But fortunately the world isn't in control of your story. God is! And He has created you for greatness.

In this four-part audio MP3 series - recorded live in front of teens - you can download these messages and listen on your computer, iPod or MP3 player as Jeffrey helps you see that your story is one of EPIC proportions.

Item code: JD-EP

Price: $6.00

dive deeper

two-part sudio series

Ready to Dive Deeper? Jeffrey Dean invites you to take a running jump into the deep end. This series will give you the opportunity to emerge yourself in the depths of God's incredible plan for your life. This two disk audio set is recorded live in front of hundreds of students, just like you, who made the choice to JUMP!

Jeffrey will challenge you to set aside your fears, close your eyes and just dive. You'll learn that this leap of faith is God's design. You'll hear His voice in the rush of the fall and you'll find Him in the depths of this living water.

So take a few steps back, make a running start and dive deep!

Item code: AA-DD

Price: $10.00



It’s about more than just sex.

It’s about your existence. 

It’s about how you think, how you talk, and what you do when no one is looking.

It’s about your witness.

It’s about all things you.

In this message recorded live at a Jeffrey Dean event, listen in as Jeffrey unapologetically discusses the dangers of choosing the world’s way over God’s.  Jeffrey will challenge you about memorizing scripture, pornography, how you dress, sex, witnessing, and more. You will discover what the bible has to say about all and see that God’s intention at creation was for you to live a life of radical purity.

Item code: JD-PU

Price: $6.00