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the fight of your life

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why your teen is at risk and what you musts do

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No generation in history has faced anything like the incredible onslaught of destructive influences attacking today teens. The media, on the web, music, friendships - - it seems everywhere our teens turn they are bombarded with decisions that could haunt them for the rest of their lives. Yes, this is a different world than the one you and I faced as teens. However, one thing hasn't changed -- Mom and Dad still make the best champion for a child's future.

Jeffrey Dean's shockingly truthful and reassuringly practical new book on everything teens is for every parent because no teen is to immune to the battle Satan is waging for their soul. Jeffrey's simple, encouraging plan based on the latest facts and timeless Bible insights shows parents how to power up in key areas of concern, like friendships, dating, partying, pornography and web use. Best of all, he shows you how to fight for your teens faith, and to help them keep their God given dreams alive.

Mom and Dad, you can win the fight of your life! Jeffrey Dean will show you how.

Item code: BSC-FOYL

Price: $15.00